February 8, 2010


David Byron

Uriah Heep
Winterland, San Francisco, California
February 10, 1974

Photos by Dan Cuny

Ken Hensley

Editor's Note: With this post, we are pleased to welcome Dan Cuny as a regular contributor to Brit Rock by the Bay. In the coming months, we will be featuring Dan's photographs of performances by British musicians, while continuing to feature the photographs of David Miller. A brief account of the youthful friendship that the four of us shared in the 1970s can be seen here.

Dan: I guess some of the best memories I have of seeing Uriah Heep are of the excitement and pizazz that David Byron had when he came on stage. The bright pink pants, wild hair, and infectious stare were pretty entertaining to watch. I owned many of their albums, and I liked the energy that the band presented. I thought Uriah Heep was raw and edgy, which is what I liked about their music.
Mick Box

Mick Box and his flowing mane were a great deal of fun to watch. His fingers flew up and down the neck of his guitar, playing strong riffs that complimented Ken Hensley's keyboards. Ken Hensley was always my favorite band member. Not only for his strong songwriting skills, but watching him was like watching a wizard behind the keyboards. His long hair and wild hand gestures conveyed to me that he was brewing up a potion behinds the keys. Gary Thain was very glam and a great showman in his white hat, providing an excellent bass beat that went perfectly with Lee Kerslake's hard beat on the drums. I'll always hold a fond memory of this show.

Gary Thain, David Byron, Ken Hensley

More photos and memories of this performance can be seen here

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  1. Wolfgang's Vault not only has the Fillmore and Winterland shows on audio tape, but also video. Bill Graham recorded every show at his venues in both forms. It would be total Heepdom if someone who really cared and had the means could convince Wolfgang's Vault to grant a legitimate release; such as a boxset of live Heep cds/dvds. You know how many people would dig that? My favorite Heep lp is Sweet Freedom. MY EARS WOULD EAT SUCH A AUDIO TREAT FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT!


    Dustin Mahrt

  2. Half of rock fans in Russia will wait for such compilations (cds/dvds). There is still time...

  3. I saw this same show and tour down in San Diego the night before.It was the first time I saw Heep live and is something I will remember for my whole life. If you want to read about my experience, check out the liner notes in The King Biscuit release of the San Diego show. I sure do miss David Byron. He was a truly awesome entertainer and frontman.